Disply the next or previous tab page in windows dialog boxes with keyboard tabs.
F5 key (Update the active window).
Copy selected item(s) to the Windows Clipboard when working in Windows Explorer.
Open the Windows Explorer.In Windows Explorer Tree View, move to the bottom item on the screen.Display next tab when working with a dialog box keyboard with multiple keyboard tabs.Move the cursor's position to the beginning of the previous word.Dialog box keyboard shortcuts, ctrltab (Move forward through the tabs).Ctrlaltdelete Open the Windows NT Security dialog box to choose from the following options: Lock Workstation, Logoff, shortcuts Shut Down, Change Password, Task Manager, keyboard and Cancel; if you shortcuts are not logged on, command opens the logon dial ctrl ctrlc ctrl ctrldraile ctrlesc ctrlesc and then.Highlight a selected block of text.Cancel the current task. Use a second time to select the item one screen above.

Move to the first shortcuts item in an extended selection list template box without selecting.Pressing F4 again moves the keyboard focus back to the previously used item.Enter, launches the active tracker object.Display the Find All shortcuts Files dialog box while working in Windows Explorer.Once everything is marked as desired, release the ctrl-key.5 Windows logo keybreak Open the System Properties dialog box.In an extended selection list box, move to additional items below an already select item, without selecting the additional items.In dialog boxes with the slide out cheats option, select the next highest setting.Undoes the last action (Undo command in Edit menu sharepoint use within a window.(You also can choose Open from the File menu.).Select the first item in a list box.This shortcut key is reserved for use by computer manufacturers.Opens the selected menu when focus is on the menu title, but activates a menu item when focus is on a menu item.Shifttab (Move backward through the options). Ctrlshift with any of the arrow keys (Highlight a block of text).
Select medal the lowest games setting in a dialog box with slide out menus.

Winpause, access System Properties which holds system properties, computer name, device manager and.
Ctrldown arrow (Move the insertion point to the beginning of the next paragraph).
In Windows Explorer, move to additional items windows xp keyboard shortcuts pdf below an already selected item, without selecting the additional items.