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As an example, If you standard have a single server machine, and that machine has 2 CPU's, then you can install WS2012STD on the physical machine, enable Hyper-V role, and create 2 x VM's each VM running WS2012STD.You can use the same product key for all 3 WS2012STD installations, in this example.This helps the community, keeps labels the forums tidy, and recognises useful contributions.If you use VMware blue instead of Hyper-V, in the example, you are only permitted server to server create 2 x VM's each VM running WS2012STD.Microsoft SQL Server CAL.In this example, the WS2012STD which has Hyper-V role enabled, is only permitted to be used for the Hyper-V role, and not exorcist permitted to be used for any other purpose (may not be used as fileserver, exchangeserver, webserver, etc).F2C-00613, winHomeBsc 7 sngl OLP NL exorcist Acdmc Legalization GetGenuine.WinSvrStd 2012R2 sngl OLP NL 2Proc. 2Proc CPU's, (this is not the number of cores).

Windows Server Enterprise, Web, HPC, Itanium Editions.
Don windows server standard 2012 sngl olp nl 2proc (Please take a moment to "Vote as Helpful" and/or "Mark as Answer where applicable.
WinSvrStd Windows Server Standard edition version of WindowsServer sngl Single Language OLP Open Licensing Programme (your licensing agreement type) NL No Level (the discount level) 2Proc this license allows execution upon a maximum of 2 CPU's (processors).