So, I decided Im regularly in and out to holding college as well as the gym I would see if this would be a suitable all in one solution for this, as my Timbuk2 for those trips is complete overkill.
So, in my time of holding usage it didnt get a lot of use, but as always your mileage may vary.
Image: ThinkGeek, the opening of the bag slightly closes with two side snaps, which narrows the opening before you fold the flap over and close it with the two webbed straps.
holding I found it slightly annoying to adjust the straps length, but its not like you have to do that often, and showing off pins is worth.So having something that didnt even protect my iPad had me quite frustrated in parts.The main compartment has a padded sleeve for a notebook or tablet, with another zippered pocket thinkgeek on the opposite side.If you are particularly large chested or broad shouldered, the adjustable holding straps may be pushed to their limits, but they work for most people.It might seem like Im ragging on the Tote, thinkgeek but really, Im not.My timbuk2 to had to resume its position for that particular trip as I had little issue getting the contents I needed there for my trip. Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.
Ive used a bunch of different messenger bags and backpacks, and while Im not fanatically dedicated to any single brand or model, Ive come to rely heavily on ThinkGeeks Bag backpack of Holding line.
Ive had the Fast-Travel bag for a few months and the Messenger bag for a few weeks, and theyre both holding up very well (and the original Bag of Holding and Convention Edition Bag of Holding both lasted years before I finally wrecked a zipper.

They arent particularly stylish (unless you like D20 accents) or designed to be the most still ergonomic bags, but for the price theyre sturdy, capable bags that have become vital ways for me to carry around prize my still electronics.Its a testament to the care and craft of putting a bag money together norton like this.Backpack straps pull out of a compartment and clip onto D-rings on the bottom of the bag when you want to wear it on your back, and a shoulder strap clips review onto separate D-rings on the side when you want to wear it like.You can find out more about think ThinkGeek Bag of Holding Tote at m/product/kgiq/?srp1.When youre pressed together with 500 strangers like sardines because you have to get John Barrowmans autograph, that compressed design will start to feel a lot more like a feature than a bug.I dont think.The Backpack of Holding costs.99 and is only available.I cant view this bag out of the context of it being in its brand. Its my regular go-to for travelling and day to day use.

Outside, there is one front and two side zippered pockets for items you need to get to frequently, and are large enough to hold most of your daily necessities.
The front panel is slightly fuzzy, so you can put hook-and-loop patches on it (and if you go to the ThinkGeek booth at different conventions, you might be able to get a free patch by showing your bag).
Notably, neither of these expand thinkgeek bag of holding backpack review very much.